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Inventory item inquiry (#IVTIII01)

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What is the Inventory item inquiry section used for?

The Inventory item inquiry screen allows you to inquire about any item of inventory that you monitor the stock levels for, using Stock Control (more on alerting when stock gets low: #IVTAWIGL01). Scrolling down the list, you can see when items were added to the inventory as you purchased stock from your supplier (more on adding items to the inventory: #IVTADD01), as well as when items were removed from the inventory (i.e.: selling items from your inventory to your Customers; more on this: #IVTSII01).


How do I use the Inventory item inquiry screen?

Inventory item inquiry

  • Item to inquire allows you to select the item that you wish to inquire about. Item not listed here? This is most likely because you have not enabled Stock Control for that item (more on alerting for inventory levels: #IVTAWIGL01). Items that don't have stock control enabled don't appear here because this setting assumes that you aren't worried about controlling stock levels for that item.
  • Filter lets you view data from a certain period.
  • The fields in the table below this, outline the date of the transaction, the details or notes for the transaction, the name of the person that the item was sold to (if you sold an item to someone who rents with you, then their Customer Name will appear here), the quantity in (for supplier-purchases) and out (for Customer-sales) as well as the balance (a running total of the amount of money spent with your supplier for that item, minus the cost price of any of that item you have sold), and finally, the value.
  • Alert when quantity reaches lets you specify when you want StorMan to alert you about stock levels for an item getting low. This alert appears in your Calendar Notes, on the StorMan Dashboard (more on this: #DBDCALS01). Although the alert-quantity is generally setup when adding or editing an analysis code (more on this: #ANLADET01), you can also set it here.
  • Quantity currently on hand shows the current quantity of the selected item.
  • Cost price shows the cost price for the selected item. This is taken from the cost price setting for an item, which is setup in the Analysis Code screens (more on this: #ANLADET01).
  • Default sell amount is also taken from the Analysis Code setup screens (more on this: #ANLADET01).
  • Done closes the window and returns you to the previous screen.



On Friday April 10th, 2015 we held a free StorMan PowerSession webcast on the topic of Using Stock Control in StorMan. You can view this video by clicking on the thumbnail below...

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