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Adding item quantities into StorMan (#IVTAIQ01)

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Why would I want to add item quantities into StorMan?

If you use StorMan's built-in stock control system to manage the items you have in your inventory (e.g.: boxes, locks, bubble wrap, etc) and warn you when you run low on a particular item (more on alerting when inventory gets low: #IVTAWIGL01), you will need to add items to the inventory before you can begin selling them - as StorMan will assume you are beginning with "zero" quantities of each item when you first start off using the stock control system.


How do I add item quantities into StorMan?

Before you can add items to your inventory, you need to ensure you have setup an analysis code (more on analysis codes: #ANLWAC01) for each item that you are selling. For example, if you sell large boxes, small boxes, locks and bubble wrap, you will need to create 4 separate analysis codes - one for each of the times that you sell.

When you setup the analysis code (more on adding / editing analysis codes: #ANLADET01) for each of your item types, ensure that you enable 'stock control' (more on the stock control system: #IVTUSCS01) - otherwise your item types will not appear in the inventory screens outlined in the steps below.


  1. From the Accounting menu, select Inventory Item Purchases.
  2. The Inventory Purchases screen will now open, as shown below.

    Inventory Item Purchase listing

    • Code shows the analysis code for the item that was purchased from one of your suppliers.
    • Description shows the analysis code's description for that transaction.
    • Details shows the detail information as entered by the person who created the transaction.
    • Date shows the date of the transaction.
    • Qty shows the number of items involved in that transaction.
    • Price shows the total amount paid (to your supplier) in the transaction.
    • Unit cost is the price your supplier charges you for each item.
  3. Click the 'Add new transaction' button to add a new stock transaction to the system, and complete the required fields (as outlined below)... Adding stock to the inventory
    • Analysis code lets you select the item you are adding stock to.
    • Date shows the date of the transaction.
    • Use Quantity to set how many of the items (of this type; see first bullet point) you are adding to the system. Cost price (see further down below) updates automatically when you change the quantity.
    • Details allows the operator to add some information about the transaction.
    • Cost price shows the amount you are paying (to your supplier) for this transaction. If this field is pre filled with a number, then this data is coming from Cost Price in the setup of your selected analysis code (more on analysis codes: #ANLADET01). Note: StorMan has a built-in FIFO (first in, first out) system, which is useful when your supplier changes their pricing. For further information, see knowledgebase article #IVTFIFO01 - FIFO - First In, First Out.
    • Tax amount shows tax information for this transaction.
    • Unit price shows the amount each item is worth (this is set in the setup of the analysis code; more on this: #ANLADET01).
    • Detailed notes is used to enter detailed information about the transaction - for example, the person you spoke to at the supplier's company, the PO or invoice number - whatever you like.
  4. When done, click OK to save & close and return to the main Inventory purchases window. Or click OK & New to save & add another inventory purchase to the system.
  5. When finished, click Done.



On Friday April 10th, 2015 we held a free StorMan PowerSession webcast on the topic of Using Stock Control in StorMan. You can view this video by clicking on the thumbnail below...

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