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An Introduction to Storman Support (#INTFITSS01)

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What is Storman Support?

Storman phone- & email- based Technical Support offers after-sales support for troubleshooting issues that you may encounter using the software. We have hundreds of step-by-step how-to articles (many with videos) and if you should look in our new knowledgebase, there is a search function to get to your issue quicker.

Our technical support team will generally provide links to knowledgebase articles where they exist, to assist you with how-to style questions. As such, we recommend that ALL of your staff know how to access the content available via the myStorman website (this website). You can read more about the myStorman website here. Note: A valid and paid-up Technical Support & Upgrades subscription is required to access most of the content on the myStorman website. Access is granted as part of your Support & Upgrades subscription.


Cannot find what your looking for? Contact Support or submit a Support Request

  • You can lodge a support ticket via the Storman support website.

  • You can email your request to Please ensure that you include detailed information about the issue, your name, 5-digit sitecode (what's this?) and your contact details. We also ask that you use a short but descriptive subject line in your emails. See Tips for lodging Support Requests, below.

  • You can phone us for technical support. Click for our contact details.


Tips for lodging Support Requests (Support Tickets)

  • Use a short, descriptive, subject line. For example: “Credit card processing failed during Daily Processing”. Simply writing “Please help!!!!!!!!!!!” makes it harder for us to search for your ticket by issue AND means that our staff can’t easily scan for commonly-occurring issues to spot trends that may be taking place at the current point in time.

  • Be clear & descriptive. We must be able to understand what you are telling us; please use proper grammar & spelling. Describe how to replicate the problem. In other words, what steps do we need to follow, in an attempt to get the same problem to occur on our test computers? Also, don’t forget to describe the things you’ve tried so far. This ensures that we don’t ask you to run through a bunch of things that you’ve already tried.

  • Submit ONE issue per email (ticket). If you include more than one issue in a support ticket, the response on your first issue may be held up because the person dealing with your second issue is not available.

  • Stay focused. Keep your ticket to the point and focused on the problem at hand.

  • Be Courteous; this should be common sense. Tickets that have unnecessary language will not be tolerated.


What if I have an emergency?

We refer to emergencies as a "Sitedown". If you cannot open or use your Storman software program in any way, this is classed as a "Sitedown". To access Sitedown telephone support, please contact your local Storman office and select the option for Technical Support. Then, select the option for Sitedown emergencies. In any instances where our Technical Support Team are taking other calls, please leave a voicemail when prompted - as these voicemails are automatically tagged as Sitedown emergencies in our system and they will jump towards the top of the queue.

Please note: Your company must have a valid (and paid-up) Technical Support & Upgrades subscription with us in order to receive assistance - even for Sitedown emergencies.


What happens behind-the-scenes?

Please refer to article #INTFSSBTS01.

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Storman Support


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