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Installing StorMan (#INTFISM01)

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What is the difference between the StorMan Trial and the StorMan Full Version?

The software itself is exactly the same; but it is the datafile (that you use in conjunction with the software) that sets whether it is a trial or fully licensed copy of the software. As such, it is important to realise that we licence the datafile - not the software.

If you have downloaded a trial of StorMan (from our website or a demo CDROM) onto your computer, you can use the exact same copy of the software if / when you decide to purchase our product. This is because when you purchase our product, we will make you a fully licensed datafile that is unique to your business, its Berths / Units / Vaults, the items that you sell and the way you run your business.

Once this unique business datafile is used with our trial product, it will recognise the file and revert to the full version.


How do I install StorMan onto my Windows PC?

Once you have downloaded our software from our website, double-click the file to begin the installer. After confirming the licence Agreement, select your installation options (the defaults are generally fine), the program will install.

When the installation process is complete, you can choose to visit our website for new users or start the software. Additionally, you can start StorMan using the shortcut on your desktop, Windows Start Menu or by navigating to the installation folder and running the storman.exe file.


How do I install StorMan onto my Mac?

Once you have downloaded our software from our website, double-click the 'Install StorMan' icon and follow the prompts. Authenticate as required and then run StorMan from the Applications -> StorMan folder on your hard drive.

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