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The difference between: Cash Sale / Other Credit Sale / Agreement (#INTFDTOS01)

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What is the difference between a Cash Sale, an Other Credit Sale and an Agreement-based sale?

StorMan has 3 types of sales; these are outlined below...


Cash Sales - A cash sale is a quick way to sell merchandise items (more on this: #IVTABT01) to walk-in Customers. Generally, you would use cash sales for Customers who you do not know, do not store or rent with / from you, and whom you probably won't see again. More on this: #CASLABT01.

Credit Sales (aka Other Credit Sales) - A credit sale is essentially exactly the same as a Customer Agreement (more on this: #AGTABT01), and hence the screens are very similar to the Customer Agreement screens - with one major difference... credit sales cannot have a Berth / Unit / Vault attached. More on this: #OCSABT01.

Agreement-based Sales - An Agreement-based sale is a sale made to a Customer that stores with you. Should a storer wish to purchase merchandise items, we still recommend putting these through the Customer's account in the system - rather than create a cash sale for this Customer. By keeping these types of purchases together with the rest of their financial information & rental billing on their account, site staff (as well as the Customer) have a better, easier-to-find purchase history for the Agreement. More on this: #IVTSII01.

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