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So... you're new to Storman? (#INTFNTSM01)

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Welcome to Storman!

Thank you for installing / trying / testing a copy of Storman Software - the leading management software for Mac & PC. You are currently browsing our Technical Support Knowledgebase for versions 8 & 9, which contains hundreds of articles, screenshots, how-to movies and printable booklets. We have provided links to a number of articles (below) which we think might be useful to you as a new user - but feel free to get in touch with us if you need some assistance or training.


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I've just started Storman - what now?

The main screen that opens is called the Storman Dashboard. We have a detailed knowledgebase article about the Dashboard - there's even a movie & printable step-by-step guide to walk you through the various different sections!

Let Storman Make Light Work of Your Payments

Take control of your storage payment collections within Storman with our all-in-one solution. Using Storman Payment Services, you can collect all your storage payments straight from Storman.


Learn by watching a quick video

  • Watch the latest Introduction to Storman video on our website. This video covers the basic day to day functions your facility will perform.

    - Key components of the Storman Dashboard
    - The facility map
    - Sales Enquiries & creating quotes for new storers
    - Performing a Move In (ie. Completing the Agreement)
    - Sending an invoice
    - Performing a Move Out
    - Understanding Notices & Notice Plans
    - Running Daily Processing
    - Processing a Cash Sale
    - The Banking Report
    - Contacting Support

  • Join us for a live power session - Register here: Power Session Registrations (Training sessions with specific topics) or see the latest sessions on our website.
Unit management:


ARCHIVE: Here is a series of videos published on Jul 21, 2011 - introduction to Storman Software.

Join our channel here:


How do I login to Storman ?

Storman's login screen is accessible via File, then Login. The Storman demo datafile (Demonstration Storage Company) has two logins by default; each with different permission-levels, depending on what areas of the program you wish to access. These are outlined below...

  • To login as a Manager, use a user-name of manager and a password of manager
  • To login as an Owner, use a user-name of admin and a password of Storman
  • If you have purchased a copy of Storman, we will have used the user-names & passwords that you supplied on your Application Form


How can I get help, technical support & training?

  • If you are using a trial version of Storman, please contact your nearest Sales office for assistance or a pre-sales demonstration. Alternatively, you may also be interested in watching one of our free "Introduction to Storman" webcasts.

  • If you have purchased a copy of Storman, you will have received a 5-digit site code which you can use to access telephone-based Technical Support as well as this entire knowledge-base. If you're new to our software packages, you may wish to participate in one of our free "Introduction to Storman" webcasts.

  • We also recommend that all new users read our Introduction to Storman Support article.


What's the difference between Storman Cloud, One, Central etc?

Please visit our main website for a feature comparison.


What Storman product am I running?

See #INTFSMPDT01 for more details.

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