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Using a Receipt Printer with StorMan (#HWSURP01)

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Supported thermal receipt printers

StorMan supports the printing of receipts to a thermal receipt printer. We have tested this functionality with an Epson TM-T88V receipt printer and have experienced no issues with this particular model.


How to setup receipt printing

  1. Start by installing & configuring your receipt printer on your computer. Make sure you can print a test page to it before continuing.
  2. In StorMan, select Maintenance, then System Setup.
  3. Navigate to the Settings 1 tab (more on this tab: #SYSSETTAB1001).
  4. Select your receipt printer from the dropdown under Use Receipt Printer (as shown below). Receipt Printer section
  5. Enable the Use Receipt Printer checkbox.
  6. Click OK to save & close. Your receipt printer is now setup.


How to customise the look of the receipt (add logo, etc)

  1. In StorMan, select Maintenance, then Invoice Setup.
  2. Select the Receipt design tab (more on this tab: #INVTAB401).
  3. Edit the receipt design as desired, then click OK to save & close.


How do I print a receipt?

Receipts can be printed by clicking Print Receipt on an Other Credit Sale, a Reservation or an Agreement (the button is usually found on the Transactions tab).




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