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StorMan is opening the wrong datafile (#HWSWDF01)

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StorMan is opening the wrong datafile. Why?

Usually, StorMan will only open a datafile when it has been instructed to do so, or the usual datafile is missing (or has moved). StorMan can be 're-pointed' at a different datafile a number of ways; these are outlined below.


How do I tell StorMan to open the correct datafile?

There are two ways to do this this - one from inside the software program, the other when starting StorMan. Instructions for both methods are outlined below.

  1. If StorMan is currently running, please close it. Open StorMan with ALT held down on your keyboard (you will need to hold down ALT immediately after launching the program).

  2. A dialog box (as shown below) should appear, which allows you to select which datafile you wish to open. If this dialog does not appear, you probably weren't fast enough with ALT; you will need to try it again. If you do see this dialog, browse to the location of your datafile and click Open. Selecting the datafile to open
  3. Your datafile should now open.

The other method...

  1. Select Facility Datafile from the File menu. If you do not see this option, select Tutorial Datafile from the File menu instead, and then, after the tutorial datafile has loaded, select Facility Datafile.
  2. Your datafile should now open.


StorMan is still opening the wrong datafile. What now?

If you are still experiencing issues, please contact StorMan Support.

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