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Installing the StorMan Remote Support software (#HWSSRSI01)

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  • This is third-party software and is not supported by StorMan. We provide this article merely to offer some initial assistance. Please consult your IT technician for further assistance and clarification if required. StorMan Software is not, in any way, responsible for the reliability & usage of this third-party product and/or service, or any issues (including but not limited to billing, technical, physical, mental or other) resulting from its use.

What does StorMan Remote Support do?

The StorMan Remote Support software is a StorMan-branded TeamViewer application that allows our Technical Support department to view and control your computer over the internet when you require assistance, without having to physically visit you at your office to do so. Note: StorMan does not make, support or own the technology behind the application - we simply make use of the technology to speed up support response times.


What does StorMan Remote Support look like?

Screenshots of the Windows & Mac versions are shown below. The version number can be found at the end of the "ADVANTAGE & CORPORATE Remote Support" text; in a light grey colour.

StorMan Remote Support - WindowsStorMan Remote Support - Mac


How much is the StorMan Remote Support software?

The remote support software itself will not cost you anything - but you will need to be on an Advantage or Corporate Support & Upgrades Plan (you can compare our plans here) in order to be able to receive remote assistance from StorMan.


What are the system requirements for the software?

You can view the system requirements for the software via the TeamViewer website.


Why would I be required to install this software?

When you first purchase our management software, it will be installed remotely using the StorMan Remote Support software. Furthermore, if (and when) you require technical support, one of our Technical Support Agents will remotely view your computer (this is initiated from your end) to assist you - again, using this software. This greatly speeds up response times for support requests.


How do I download the software?

  1. Use the relevant link to download the StorMan Remote Support software to your computer. Save the file to a safe place (e.g. your computer's desktop)...

         » Download "StorMan Remote Support v3" for Windows
         » Download "StorMan Remote Support v3" for Macintosh (unzip once downloaded)
  2. That's it! The software is now ready to use (refer to instructions below).Note: You may wish ask your IT technician to move the file into it's own folder on your computer's hard drive and then create a shortcut to it on the desktop - but it's up to you.

How do I use the software?

  1. Whenever you require technical support assistance from StorMan, run the file and provide the on-screen information to your StorMan Technical Support Agent (over the phone or in a support ticket), so that they can connect to your computer.


Do I need to tell my IT technician about the software?

In some cases, strict networking hardware may block the software or certain ports & protocols that it uses. When this happens, we will not be able to use the StorMan Remote Support software to assist you and your IT technician will often be required to come in and "allow" the software to communicate through your networking hardware or firewall.




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