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Using the Event Log (#ELGUEL01)

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How do I use the Event Log?

The Event Log (more on the event log: #ELGWII01) is generally only recommended for use by operators who have some knowledge of database systems.Event Log - View Detail

  • Event Date and Event Time show the date & time of the events' creation
  • Facility Code and Facility Name show the code and name of the site where the event occurred.
  • Seq No shows the sequence for the event. This field is used by StorMan technical support agents.
  • Status shows the status of the event. This field is used by StorMan technical support agents.
  • Event Type categorises the type of event that took place. This field is used by StorMan technical support agents.
  • Table No, Key Fields, Key Value, Rec No and BillP Analys are used by StorMan technical support agents.
  • Trx Date and Trx Amount fields display any relevant transaction date and values for the current event log record.
  • User Login shows the username that was logged in at the time the event was created/updated.
  • Date printed shows when the event log was printed (via Print on the screen previous to this one).
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