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Berth history error / Unit history error / Vault history error - EAM021 (#ERRUHE01)

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What is a Berth history / Unit history / Vault history error?

This error occurs when the Customer rental history for a particular Berth / Unit / Vault doesn't make sense. Often, this is because move-in and move-out dates are not correct.

For example: Customer A moves in to Berth / Unit / Vault 3 on 1st of January 2007 and moves out on 1st of February 2007. If the history for this Berth / Unit / Vault also shows that Customer B moved in to the same Berth / Unit / Vault on the 25th of January 2007, then this would obviously cause a history error - because it's not possible to have two Customers in the same Berth / Unit / Vault at the same time.


What does a Berth history / Unit history / Vault history error look like?

Unt History Error

How do I fix a Berth history / Unit history / Vault history error?

These errors can easily be fixed by opening the history for the Berth / Unit / Vault in question, and correcting the error. Instructions on doing so are provided below.

  1. Print the Berth / Unit / Vault history error screen (by clicking Print), as you will need this information later on.
  2. Locate the Agreement(s) in question and note down the Customer's move-in and move-out dates.
  3. Now open Maintenance, then Berths / Units / Vaults .

  4. Locate the first Berth / Unit / Vault mentioned in the history error dialog, and double-click it to open it.

  5. The Berth / Unit / Vault should now open. Click on the History tab to view its history.

  6. Look for the corresponding Agreement number mentioned on the history error dialog. Once located, check Move In and Move Out dates.

    For example: In the screenshot below, you can see that the cause of this particular Berth / Unit / Vault history error is the Customer at the bottom of the list (Agreement #00383). According to the Berth / Unit / Vault history for this particular Berth / Unit / Vault, that Customer moved in on the 1st of January 1990, but has not moved out yet (indicated by the move-out date of 00/00/00). This of course is not true, as 8 or so other Customers have rented the Berth / Unit / Vault since (as indicated by the 8 or so additional records on the Berth / Unit / Vault History screen for this particular Berth / Unit / Vault), and as such, is causing a Berth / Unit / Vault history error for this Berth / Unit / Vault. Unit History Error
  7. Correct the move-out or move-in dates, as per the correct dates which you noted down in Step 2. In most cases, Berth / Unit / Vault history errors are caused by incorrect move ins, so if the move out day is the same as the move out day, and you believe this is an incorrect move in, you can delete that line of history by clicking on the history line in question, and clicking Delete History near the top of the window.

    In rare cases, you will have more than one history error per Unit, so fix any others you have come across for the same Berth / Unit / Vault, if required.
  8. Fix any other history errors if required, by following the same set of steps outlined above. Your history errors should now all be repaired.
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