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Understanding 4D Error Codes (#ERRU4DEC01)

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What is 4D?

Every software program is based on a programming language (of which there are many). StorMan is written in a language called 4D (aka 4th Dimension).


Why would I want to understand 4D error codes?

Occasionally, when there is a program failure, startup crash or other error, a note is made in the Microsoft Windows Event Log. In its default mode, the error does not contain much information - making it difficult to diagnose and fix.

However, with the installation of a small, free plug in, the error information (for any 4D-based errors) in the Microsoft Windows Event Log is expanded to include much more information. This tool can be downloaded and installed using the steps below.

Please note that while we may use and recommend this plug in, we do not provide technical support for it, as it is a 3rd-party plug in created by 4D (and not StorMan Software).


How do I install the free plug in?

  1. Download & save the following file from our website, at this link.
  2. Open the saved file and extract its contents to the c:\windows\system32\ folder. Your event log errors for any 4D-based events will now contain more detail.
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