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StorMan has stopped working (#ERRSHSW01)

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What is a "StorMan has stopped working" error?

This particular error appears on Microsoft Windows Vista systems (see this article for the same error on Microsoft Windows XP systems: #ERRSEPNC01) when StorMan crashes, due to a problem with your computer's operating system or an installation problem with StorMan.

It will also appear when you attempt to print to StorMan's PDF-XChange printer (more on PDF-XChange: #UTLPXDSC01) when it does not exist, or has not been installed properly (the PDF printer is used for emailing invoices).


What does a "StorMan has encountered an error and needs to close" error look like?


How do I fix a "StorMan has encountered an error and needs to close" error?

If you were attempting to print or email an invoice via PDF-XChange at the time the error occurred, you will need to reinstall the PDF printer (more on how to do this: #UTLPXRI01).

If you received the error when you were doing something other than this, you may need to reinstall the StorMan program. Please contact StorMan Support for assistance in doing this.

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