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SOAP Server error (#ERRSOAP01)

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What is a SOAP server error?

This particular error may be caused by one of the following reasons...

  • StorMan is being denied access to the internet to make a connection with our licensing & updates server.
  • StorMan is being denied access to the internet to make a connection with your head-office's StorMan MultiView Server to check user-permissions upon login.
  • The StorMan licensing server is not able to respond to requests at that particular point in time.
  • Your internet connection is not on or active when you start the StorMan program.


What does a SOAP server error look like?

SOAP server error

How do I fix a SOAP server error?

Generally, you can click OK to close the dialog and continue working with the StorMan program. However, if the error appears regularly, you might like to check some of the following...

  • A firewall (hardware or software) may be blocking communications between the StorMan program, and our licensing server. Check your firewall software (eg. Windows Firewall, Norton Internet Security, etc) to ensure that port 19811 is not blocked. Blocking port 19811 can cause your software to fail on startup. More on software that interferes with StorMan: #HWSPIS01.
  • Ensure your internet connection is on & active when you start the StorMan program.
  • If your company uses StorMan MultiView, check to ensure that your head-office server is up and running, and accepting connections via the internet.
  • If your company uses StorMan MultiView and you receive a SOAP server error when attempting to log into StorMan, this may be because StorMan cannot contact MultiView to see if your username has permission to access the site you are trying to log in to. In these instances, StorMan will check your local database to see if you have permission to access the site (if you have logged in previously, then StorMan will have this information, and will let you in). If you have never logged into that particular site before (this would usually only be an issue for an on-the-road Area Manager that travels to different sites), then StorMan will not be able to grant you access until contact with head-office MultiView has been established.
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