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-10064 Error (#ERRN1006401)

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What is a -10064 error?

This particular error usually shows up in StorMan's sync log file (storman\backups\synclog.txt). When it appears, it normally means that StorMan cannot connect to the MultiView server to synchronise data. Possible reasons for this are listed below...

  • A firewall (hardware or software) or router may be blocking communications between StorMan at site, and StorMan MultiView at head office. Check your firewall software (eg. Windows Firewall, Norton Internet Security, etc) on both the site and head office ends, to ensure they are allowing the applications to communicate. Also check to ensure the ports for StorMan are not being blocked (generally port 19813 is used for StorMan Client communications, port 19812 for data syncing in StorMan MultiView environments and port 19811 for product licensing. Blocking port 19811 can cause your software to fail on startup. Do not block this port!). More on StorMan port numbers: #HWSNPT01.
  • A wireless LAN drop-out may have occurred at the location (we do not recommend wireless systems in StorMan environments).
  • The IP address of the computer running StorMan MultiView Server has changed. Check this with head office.


How can I fix a -10064 error?

Once the cause of the issue (see above) has been fixed, restart StorMan and check the synclog.txt file again for updates to see if synchronisation is occurring again.

Note: If you you use Windows 'Notepad' to view text files, you will need to close and re-open the synclog.txt file each time, as Notepad is not a real-time text file viewer, and it will not see any changes to the synclog.txt file while it is open. If you require a real-time text file viewer, you may wish to try an application called BareTail


That didn't fix the problem. Now what?

If the above didn't fix the error, you may need to go back to the list of causes at the top of this article and try some other options to see if these rectify the issue. Otherwise, please contact StorMan Support.

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