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-10033 Error (...while a request was being sent to the server) (#ERRN10K3301)

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What is a -10033 (...while a request was being sent to the server) error?

This particular error usually means that the StorMan Client application has lost its connection with the StorMan Server application due to a timeout.


What does a -10033 (...while a request was being sent to the server) error look like?

-10033 Error

How can I fix a -10033 (...while a request was being sent to the server) error?

The key is to get StorMan Client communicating with StorMan Server again. Steps on how to do this are provided below.

  1. Click OK or Quit to close the dialog on your StorMan Client program.
  2. On the computer that runs the StorMan Server application, select Preferences from the Edit menu.
  3. The Preferences window will now open. On the left hand side, choose the Client-Server section, and adjust the Client-Server Connections Timeout slider to 30 minutes, as shown below.Client-Server timeout period
  4. Click OK to save the setting, then restart the StorMan Server program & any StorMan Clients and the issue should rectify itself.


That didn't fix the problem. Now what?

Please contact StorMan Support for further assistance.

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