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Viewing the Email Log (#EMLLOG01)

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What is the Email Log?

The email log shows a history of emails sent and received through StorMan, on a system-wide basis.


What does the Email Log screen look like?

Email Log

  • The List of email messages in the top section of the window shows all of your email messages (depending on whether or not you have the Only show last 31 days checkbox enabled at the bottom). The Type column indicates if the message is one you have sent, or one that has been received. The Address and Subject columns show the email address (sent to, or received from - depending on the type of message). The Sent / Read column shows (via a tick in the checkbox) whether or not the message has been sent (if the message type is outgoing), or read (if the message type is incoming). Date & time information is self explanatory.
  • Only show last 31 days, when checked, changes the email message list to show either only the last 31 days worth of incoming & outgoing email, or all messages.
  • Add Email allows you to compose a new email message (more on this: #EMLCNM01).
  • Send & Receive Email will send any messages waiting to be sent, and receive any incoming messages, if StorMan has been setup to manage incoming emails (more on setting up email: #EMLSET01).
  • Done closes this window.


How do I open the Email Log?

You can do this by selecting View Mail from the File menu, or by using shortcut key outlined below.


What is the keyboard shortcut to this screen?

The keyboard shortcut for this screen is CTRL + M (Windows) or COMMAND + M (Macintosh).


How do I view a Customer-specific Email Log?

To view a history of all communications with a Customer, find (more in searching: #CUSFND01) and open the Customer's Agreement, then navigate to the AutoPay/Notices tab, where you will see the communication log.

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