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Setting up email (#EMLSET01)

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Why setup email in StorMan?

Setting up email in StorMan allows you to send email invoices, perform email merges, and send email messages (reminders, late letters, sales & marketing information, etc) to your Customers.


What does the Email setup screen look like?

Email Setup

  • Facility email address is where you enter the business's email address.
  • Permanent Internet Connection, when checked, is used to tell StorMan that you have a permanent Internet connection, such as cable or DSL. Tick the box if you have a permanent internet connection. Note: Leaving the 'Permanent Internet Connection' checkbox unchecked will prevent automated alarm SMS and email warning messages (more on email / SMS for alarm events: ACCSSAE01) from sending automatically. Additionally, if you have StorMan setup to send Activity Data via email, leaving this checkbox unchecked will also prevent this data from sending automatically.
  • POP3 Server address is used to tell StorMan where to look for email messages. Your ISP (Internet Service Provider) can assist you with this field if you're not sure what to enter here.
  • POP3 Username is where you enter your POP3 email username. Your ISP (Internet Service Provider) can assist you with this field if you're not sure what to enter here.
  • POP3 Password is where you enter your POP3 email password. Your ISP (Internet Service Provider) can assist you with this field if you're not sure what to enter here.
  • If you only want to use StorMan to receive emails sent from the domain, click Only download email from StorMan Software.
  • To send email, you will need to enter a SMTP Server address into the field provided. The subset of this is used if your ISP requires authentication to log into the mail server before being able to send email.
  • Cancel closes the window and returns to the previous screen.
  • OK will close the window and return to the previous screen.


Sending email through Gmail

  • Gmail is a third-party service and is not supported by StorMan. We provide this article merely to offer some initial assistance. Please consult your IT technician for further assistance and clarification if required. StorMan Software is not, in any way, responsible for the reliability & usage of this third-party product and/or service, or any issues (including but not limited to billing, technical, physical, mental or other) resulting from its use.

A number of clients have advised us that it is possible to send emails from StorMan via a Gmail email address; we've been advised that the following settings appear to work...

  • Set the SMTP Server address to
  • Enable the SSL checkbox.
  • Select the Authenticate first using the following details... radio button, then enter your Gmail email address and password into the fields provided.
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