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Compose a new email message (#EMLCNM01)

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What does the Compose New Email Message screen look like?

Compose new email

  • Address is where you enter the email address of the person you wish to send the email to (separate multiple addresses with a comma).
  • Subject is where you enter the email subject.
  • In the Message body, enter the main content for your email message. Use the tools provided on the editor to change the font formatting, style, colour, etc. You can also add tables, bulleted lists, numbered lists, etc. Most HTML tags are also supported, by clicking HTML. Note: StorMan uses the third-party TinyMCE editor. You find out more about using this editor via the Documentation link on the TinyMCE website.
  • Under the Attachments section, you can manage the attachments for the email message - icons are provided for adding an attachment to the message (+), deleting the selected attachment (x) or viewing the selected attachment (magnifying glass).
  • Also include data for the following Customer code allows you to enter the Customer code of a Customer that you wish to send to support. For example, if our Technical Support department have requested that you send a Customer in to the Technical Support team, enter the code (of the Customer you wish to send to us), into this field (more on this: #CUSSCFTS01). Only complete this field if you are sending this email to an or email address. If you're unsure, please contact StorMan Support.
  • Print (not shown) lets you print the message.
  • Resend allows you to re-send the email again.
  • Delete becomes activated once the message has been saved (by clicking 'OK'). The 'Delete' button will delete the email message from your system.
  • Cancel closes the window and returns to the previous screen.
  • OK will close the window and return to the previous screen.


What do I need to do before I can send emails in StorMan?

Before you can send emails from StorMan, you will need to setup your email setting (more on email setup: #EMLSET01).

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