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Floating Window (#DBDFW01)

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What is the Floating Window?

This window sits on the StorMan Dashboard and shows version, site and user information, as detailed below.


What does the Floating Window look like?

A screenshot of this option has been provided below...

The Floating Window

  • Win 8.1.0 refers to the operating system and StorMan version number. In our case, this means we are using a Windows platform, and our StorMan version is 8.1.0.
  • Demo Data refers to the code of the business where we are operating StorMan. In our case, Demo Data means that we are using the StorMan demonstration datafile (for the purpose of taking the screenshot). You will most likely see a 5-digit number, which is your business's unique '5-digit code'. You will need this code when you telephone or email StorMan Support for assistance, as it allows us to identity where you are working from (more on the 5-digit site code: #DBD5DSC01).
  • Admin shows the username currently logged into StorMan. In your case, it may show Admin, Manager, or any custom username that you may have setup using Users & Groups (more on users & groups: #USRGRPABT01).
  • Logging Off shows any background tasks that StorMan is running. In some instances, this may also show Gate Log (if you use a supported Access Control System with StorMan), Email or Sync - which indicates that StorMan is checking for any gate log transactions, email to be sent, or data that needs to be synchronised to your head office (if you use StorMan MultiView).
  • Main shows any processes that are open. Main refers to the StorMan Dashboard (more on the dashboard: #DBDABT01). You can have up to 9 other processes open - for example, 4 Customers and a Cash Sale window, if required. These other processes will appear here in this window.



The Floating Window (Extended)

StorMan also has an extended version of the Floating Window for StorMan MultiView Customers. All fields referenced above are the same; with the following additions for MultiView Customers...

  • Up-arrow / down-arrow toggles the lower section of the window to extend even further (for MultiView users with a large number of sites). Toggling again brings the window back to the screen as shown.
  • The business list shows a list of the businesses that you have access to in MultiView. This name is taken from the 'Short name' field on the MultiView business configuration screens (more on modifying businesses in MultiView: #MVMODFAC01).


What else does the Floating Window show?

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