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Customers section (#DBDCUSTS01)

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What is the Dashboard Customers section?

The Customers section on the StorMan Dashboard contains a list of all Berths / Units / Vaults (except those with the 'Unavailable' status - more on statuses: #UNTSTA01), as well as any associated Customer information for rented Berths / Units / Vaults - such as the Customer's name, Agreement number and paid-to date. In addition, this list also shows any active sales enquiries (more on sales enquiries: #SAENQABT01) and reservations (more on reservations: #RESABT01). Active Other Credit Sales (more on other credit sales: #OCSABT01) are also shown; to show Ad-Hoc credit sales here too, enable the option under System Setup (more on this option: #SYSSETTAB1001).

The search box at the top of the Customers section allows you to search for any of the aforementioned data in a search-as-you-type style fashion. The refresh icon (more on this icon: #DBDRFI01) can be used to clear the search box & its results.

The list also includes toggles at the top, to sort by Berth / Unit / Vault number, Customer name, Agreement number, paid to date or status. If you use a supported Access Control System (supported access control systems: #ACCSUPS01) with StorMan, the Customers Section is split in half vertically - with the bottom portion showing a Gate Log section (more on this section: #DBDACLS01).

The upper-right portion of the Customers section appears behind the Dashboard's Floating Window (more on the floatbox: #DBDFW01).


What does the Dashboard Customers section look like?


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