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5-digit site code (#DBD5DSC01)

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What is the 5-digit site code?

The 5-digit site code is a unique identifier for your business. Each business has a different code, and this code allows us to establish which business you are located at.


Why do I need my 5-digit site code?

When you telephone some of our worldwide offices for Technical Support, you will need to enter this 5-digit code in order to be able to speak to a technical services consultant.


What if my 5-digit site code appears in red?

This means that our licensing server has detected that your business's Technical Support & Upgrades plan has expired. To renew, please contact your local Storman sales office, or visit the myStorman upgrades & renewals store to request renewal of your Support & Upgrades plan.


Do I need to write down my 5-digit site code?

Yes - please do! If you are unable to open your software, you will still need your 5-digit code to be able to call us. Hence, if you can't get into Storman, you won't be able to find the code - which is exactly why we strongly suggest you write your code down outside of the Storman program.

To make this easier, we can also send you a handy desktop tent-card with your unique 5-digit site code on it, which you can use. If you'd like one of these desktop cards, please contact Storman Sales in Australia. Alternatively, you can print your own using our Card-'O-Matic 5000.


Where can I find my 5-digit site code?

There are two places you can find your 5-digit site code:

  • On the floating window (more on the floatbox: #DBDFW01).
  • Via the Help menu, on the About Storman screen.
  • On the desktop tent card we posted to you in your Storman Welcome Pack (lost it? Use our Card-'O-Matic 5000 to make one!).
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