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What is Daily Processing (#DLYWISDP01)

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What is Daily Processing?

Daily Processing, as the name suggests, should be run daily. It is the process that allows StorMan to calculate which Customers are due to receive an invoice or reminder / late letter. Daily Processing will also determine which Customers are to be charged late fees, and which are to be denied access to the business (more on supported access control systems: #ACCSUPS01).

In fact, Daily Processing looks at all of your notice plans (What is Notice Plan? #NTCPLNABT01) and notices (What is a Notice? #NTCABT01), to see which notices are to go to which Customers, for the period that you are running Daily Processing.

This process will also calculate the occupancy level and the total rent charged for the month to date. Daily Processing also finalises yesterday’s data, so that accurate reports can be printed. Daily Processing also processes any automatic payments that are setup through our supported third-party payment processing providers (compare providers: #3PTYCOMP).

Finally, Daily Processing also detects if any Reports need to be sent for that day. If so, these reports are printed or emailed as required (more on this: #RPTBPOEMLPR01).


What happens during Daily Processing?

Refer to: #DLYRUN01.

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