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Reprocessing failed Daily Processing credit cards (#DLYRFDCC01)

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How do I reprocess credit cards that failed during Daily Processing?

This article assumes you are using an integrated, automatic, online credit card payment system (through a supported 3rd-party provider; more on this: #3PTYCOMP).

To reprocess credit cards that may have failed (insufficient funds, etc) during Daily Processing, simply re-run the Daily Summary Report for the day that you wish to re-process the credit cards for. You can access this report from the Accounting menu, by selecting Daily Summary Report.

You will be prompted which day you wish to process for. After the report is printed / shown, StorMan will process any credit cards that are still due. For example, if StorMan originally had 6 credit cards to process for that date, and 2 of them failed due to insufficient funds, only the 2 with insufficient funds will be re-processed... BUT only if they still owe money on their account at the time of re-processing. If the Customer has since paid by cash (or some other method) to bring their account up to date, StorMan will not attempt to re-process that person's credit card at this point, because they don't actually owe any money any more.


Is there another way to reprocess credit cards that failed during Daily Processing?

Yes, by manually opening the Customer's Agreement and applying a credit card payment (or receipt) via the Transactions tab on their Agreement.

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