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Tracking waived Late Fees (#CUSTWLF01)

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Tracking waived Late Fees

StorMan lets you track the number of times a Late Fee (that is, any Analysis Code ending in LF; more on Analysis Codes: #ANLWAC01) has been waived for any particular Customer. The Waived Late Fee Counter is setup via Maintenance, System Setup, then the Accounting tab and lets you set the maximum number of waived late fees per Customer, whether they can have an unlimited number of late fees waived & how long it should be tracked for; in months (entering "0" means that the system will not automatically reset the counter over time).

Each time a late fee is waived, the counter for that Customer (more on where the counter appears: #AGTTAB201) will increment - unless the user-login (or group) of the staff member waiving the fee has the permission "Exempt from Waived Late Fees" set (more on Users & Groups: #USRGRPABT01).

If the user has permission, they can also reduce the Waived Late Fee counter by clicking the icon provided on the Agreement screen next to the counter.


What counts as a waived Late Fee?

Crediting a Late Fee (from an Agreement's Transactions tab; more on this tab: #AGTTAB601) will count as a waived late fee. The advantage of crediting it is that it shows on the Customers invoice. Deleting a Late Fee does not count as a waive.

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