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Swap two Berths / Units / Vaults between two agreements (#CUSSWBTAG01)

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Why would I want to swap two Berths / Units / Vaults between two Agreements?

Let's say that Customer Bob Smith has two Berths / Units / Vaults and two Agreements. One of the Berths / Units / Vaults is attached to Agreement #00010 and the other one is attached to Agreement #00020... but for whatever reason, they are meant to be the other way around. This article explains how to swap them.


How to swap two Berths / Units / Vaults between two Agreements

  1. Open the first Agreement and move-out the Berth / Unit / Vault that you wish to swap. Then close the Agreement screen for this Agreement.
  2. Now open the other Agreement and add the Berth / Unit / Vault (from Step 1 above) to it.
  3. Remove the second Berth / Unit / Vault from this Agreement and close the Agreement screen for this Agreement.
  4. Locate & open the first Agreement again (you may need to use the search function to do so; more on this: #CUSFND01) and add the second Berth / Unit / Vault to it. If prompted, choose the option to reactivate the Agreement.
  5. Finally (due to the move-out you performed on this Agreement initially), you will need to view the Transactions tab of this Agreement and ensure any falsely-created move-out transactions are removed or adjusted as required.
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