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Sending an ad-hoc SMS to a customer (#CUSADHSMS01)

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How do I send an ad-hoc SMS to a Customer?

Before you begin, ensure that you have an SMS account setup in StorMan using a supported 3rd-party provider (more on this: #3PTYCOMP).

  1. Open the relevant Customers Agreement, Reservation, Other Credit Sale or Sales Enquiry.
  2. On the Customer Information tab, locate the Phone (mobile) field.
  3. Ensure the Customer's mobile number is entered here. Note: When you enter a mobile number here and click (or tab) out of the field, StorMan will modify the number slightly to fit with the international standard format for displaying mobile numbers, which is to drop the leading zero & add a "+" symbol, followed by the international country code. For example, the Australian mobile number 0412 123456 would be displayed at +61 412 123456.
  4. Click the mobile-phone icon. If you have SMS templates setup in StorMan, these will appear. Select a template, or click Custom to enter your own message. If you do not have SMS templates setup in StorMan, you will be able to enter a custom message immediately. Enter your desired message, then click Send to send it.


How can I tell if the SMS has been delivered?

If you use the StorMan SMS service (more on this: #SYSSETSMSMS01) in StorMan, you can view this information on the SMS Delivery Report (more on this: #RPTSMSDLV01).

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