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Print invoices / receipts (#CUSPIR01)

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How do I print invoices or receipts?

Normally, you would open the Agreement, reservation or other credit sale of the Customer in question, and use the on-screen buttons to print their invoice / receipt from there. However, you can also print with more options by following the method outlined below...


  1. Select the Accounting menu.
  2. Now select Print Invoice / Receipts. The following dialog will open, as shown & outlined below... Print Invoice Receipts
    • Print for all Customers / Agreements, when selected, will print current invoices / receipts for all of your Customer Agreements.
    • Print for a range of Customers, when selected, will let you print current invoices / receipts for Customers within the range of Customer codes you enter (that is, within an alphabetic range).
    • Print for a range of Agreements, when selected, will let you print current invoices / receipts for Agreements within the range of Agreement numbers you enter (that is, within a numeric range).
    • Date is used to specify the transaction start date for transactions that will be appearing on your invoices / receipts. For example, if you were to enter a date of 27/12/2008, then only transactions after that date will be shown on the invoices / receipts that you print.
    • Sort order radio buttons let you set the order in which the invoices / receipts will print - that is, by Customer code (generally an alphabetic sort), by Agreement number (a numeric sort) or by the Berth / Unit / Vault that is used or occupied by the relevant Customer.
    • Print one invoice per Agreement, if checked, will print one invoice for each Agreement - as opposed to one invoice per Customer (remember- Customers can have multiple Agreements in StorMan).
  3. Set your options as required and click Generate to begin the batch printing process. Please ensure that you have enough paper in your printer before you begin.
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