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Moved Customer into incorrect Unit (#CUSMCIU01)

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Whoops - I've moved someone into the wrong Berth / Unit / Vault (or the Customer wants a different one)! How do I undo this?

If you've moved a Customer into the wrong Berth / Unit / Vault, or if the Customer requires a different Berth / Unit / Vault, please follow the steps below to undo this process.

Note: If the Customer used the Berth / Unit / Vault for more than a day, generally you would use the procedure to transfer the Customer to another Berth / Unit / Vault instead (more on transferring a Customer into a different Berth / Unit / Vault: #CUSTCOU01) - that way the charges can prorate correctly.


  1. Open the Agreement in question, then navigate to the Transactions tab.
  2. Undo or remove all charges using Modify and / or Undo Last Charges - but be sure to leave the payments alone, because these can be applied against the new charges, which we'll add in a moment.
  3. On the Agreement Info tab (more on this tab: #AGTTAB101), click + (to the top-right of the charges table) and add the correct Berth / Unit / Vault if you haven't already done so. Be sure to enter the correct move-in date. If prompted, click No to any prorate charges, as they will not apply in this instance.
  4. Now remove the old Berth / Unit / Vault by highlighting it and clicking x (to the top-right of the charges table). Enter a Move Out Date that is the same as the Move In date for that Berth / Unit / Vault. If you are asked if this is a real move out, click No.
  5. Ensure that Move In date, Regular Rent Amount, Day To Bill, and Next Bill date are correct.
  6. Re-bill the rent and any other applicable charges.
  7. Finish by checking the Berth History / Unit History / Vault History (for the moved-out Berth / Unit / Vault) to ensure it appears correct. To do this, navigate to the Maintenance menu, then select Berth / Units / Vaults. Locate the Berth / Unit / Vault in question and double-click them to open them. On the Berth History / Unit History / Vault History tab, remove the lines that say the Customer moved out, and back in, today. Click OK to save & close then Done to return to the main screen.
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