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Modify Customers - Tab 2: Customer Info 2 (#CUSMCTAB201)

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Modify Customers - Tab 2: Customer Info 2

  1. Select the Customers menu, then Modify Customers.
  2. The Customer listing will now appear. Double-click on the Customer record that you wish to edit.
  3. The Customer record will now open. Select the Customer Info 2 tab. This tab will now open, as shown below... Tab 2 - Customer Info 2
    • The marketing data allows you to track how the Customer found you, what type of Customer they are, their business type and their reason for storing with you (or using your services). The data within these fields can be customised via the Types & Categories section of StorMan (more on this section: #TPCTWITC01). You can report on this data using the Customer Analysis report (more on this report: #RPTCAR01).
    • Marketing opt-out is an information field. It is generally used to notify other staff that this Customer doesn't wish to receive marketing information from your company. A number of StorMan modules reference this field, to ensure that marketing campaigns (eg. mail, SMS and email merges) do not get sent to Customers with this option enabled.
    • The military information at the top are used to store information about the Customer's military base & its contact details.
    • The large field to the top-right of the window allows you to enter the names / roles of other people who are also allowed to discuss information about this Agreement. For example, this Customer may permit you to discuss information with their husband - so you would enter their husband's name, or simply 'Husband' here.
    • Secondary Contact Details are self explanatory, and very similar to that of tab 1 of this screen (more on this tab: #CUSMCTAB101).
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