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Mass Payments (#CUSMASPAY01)

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Why would I use the Mass Payment function?

The Mass Payment function is designed to let you distribute a Customers single payment over their multiple Agreements. For example: If a Customer has two Agreements (each owing money), but pays you with a single $200 payment, the Mass Payment function can be used to distribute the payment across the two Agreements.


How do I use the Mass Payment function?

  1. Select Accounting, then Mass Payment.
  2. Use the search window to locate the Customer that you wish to add a payment for. Customers matching your search terms are shown on screen.
  3. Select the Customer that you wish to add a payment to & click OK. Note: If a particular Customer has multiple Agreements, they will likely all show here (if your search query was configured in such a way as to include them all). In these instances, you can select any of the Customer's Agreements.
  4. A transactional window will appear. The left side is used to record payment information and the right side shows the Customer's Agreements & current balance owing on each. On the left side, set the Analysis Code (payment type), Date & Receipt amount (the amount paid).
  5. On the right side, distribute the payment amongst the Agreements by entering the amount to distribute in the Payment column for each Agreement. Note: The Receipt amount must be distributed in full amongst the Agreements. However, the receipt amount can be less (or greater) than the total balance owing by this Customer.
  6. Click OK to apply the payment & close the Mass Payment screen.
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