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Manually adding a Notice to an Agreement, Reservation, Sales Enquiry or Other Credit Sale (#CUSMANA01)

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How do I manually add a Notice (letter or email) to an Agreement, Reservation, Sales Enquiry or Other Credit Sale?

  1. Open the Agreement, Reservation, Sales Enquiry or Other Credit Sale in question.
  2. Navigate to the AutoPay/Notices tab and locate the Notice history section.
  3. Click email +to add a new email, or letter + to add a new (printed) letter to the record.
  4. Select the Template to work with using the dropdown at the top of the window - this will allow you to use one of your pre-typed notices as the base template for this letter (or email), saving you from having to re-type it. Note: If the Notice you're after doesn't appear, it may be because that particular Notice is set to be hidden from manual use; meaning it will not display here in the dropdown. More on this setting: #NTCTAB101. Note: If the template notice you select is also setup (more on setting up Notices: #NTCSTP01) to charge a fee (late letters are commonly setup this way), you will be prompted whether you wish to also charge this Customer the corresponding fee at this time.
  5. Edit your letter or email as required (if you are editing an email, you can also attached files using the fields provided to the lower left of the window), then click the appropriate button to either print / email the notice and / or close the notice once you are finished.
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