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Link Agreements (so that multiple Agreements share the same Customer Code) (#CUSLINK01)

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Why would I want to link Agreements to the same Customer Code?

In StorMan, it is possible to map many Agreements to one Customer Code. As a result, these Agreements are then owned by the same Customer Code (the internal 10-character code that StorMan uses to manage Customers). This makes the adjustment of contact details much easier; change them once, and they change on all Agreements that are linked to that Customer Code. Financial information is shared across the Agreements too (when you select the option to view the financial data this way).


How can I get Agreements to share the same Customer Code?

  1. Open the Agreement that you wish to join to a different Customer Code.
  2. Click Edit next to the Customer Name field (at the top of the Agreement screen).
  3. Make the Customer Name the same as on the Agreement that has the Customer Code that you wish to link it to. If the names are already the same, but they aren't linked, just remove the last letter of the name and re-type the letter again.
  4. Press TAB on your keyboard. StorMan will display a list of Customers that match the name you entered. Select the Customer that you wish to link this Agreement to, then click Select highlighted Customer. This will then make the Agreement share the same Customer Code as the other and effectively link them.
  5. When done, click OK to save and close the Agreement. The two Agreements now share the same Customer Code.
  6. To finish, we recommend that you perform a Recalc Balances operation on the Customer Code at this time. This recalculates the Customer balance based on the new transactional data. To perform a Recalculate Balances operation, see: #RFRCBAL01.

What if I want to do the opposite (split Agreements from the same Customer Code)?


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