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Late fees are different between customers (#CUSDLFA01)

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Why are my Customers being charged different late fee amounts?

Late fee amounts are configured in two places. The most common location to configure a late fee amount is on the actual Notice that is being sent (i.e.: emailed, mailed or SMS'd) to the Customer (more on Notices: #NTCSTP01).

The other location where you can configure a late fee amount is on the Customer's Agreement Info tab of their Agreement (more on this tab: #AGTTAB101). The field, called 'Custom Late Fee', allows you to specify a custom late fee amount for this Agreement only. It does not affect other Agreements owned by that Customer, or by other Customers.

For example, if your Notice is setup to charge a late fee of $20 when triggered, but an applicable Customer's Agreement has a 'Custom Late Fee' amount of $10, then that Customer will only be charged a $10 late fee for that Agreement.

  • The value of the custom late fee can be higher or lower than the late fee amount setup for the notice.
  • If the custom late fee amount is set to 0 (zero), the system will revert to using the late fee amount setup in the notice instead.
  • When using this feature, please ensure that you are not breaking any Agreements or legal contracts that you may have signed with the Customer when they first moved in - particularly in relation to late fee amounts that you may have initially advised them of.


Why would I want to use this feature?

This feature can be used when the Customer is notorious for making late payments. Adding an increased custom late fee amount for a particular Customer's Agreement may entice them to pay on time in future. However, please refer to the note above about potentially breaking legal contracts with your Customer.

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