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Charging Deposits (#CUSCHGDEP01)

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How can I charge a deposit?

There are several ways to charge deposits in StorMan, which are...

  • A rate per Berth Type / Item Type / Unit Type / Vault Type, which is billed automatically when said Type is added to a Reservation and / or an Agreement.
  • A standard rate, which is billed automatically on a Reservation upon creation and / or billed automatically on a Agreement upon move-in.


Naturally, depending on your permission level, you may be able to edit the deposit amount on the fly (or remove it completely) when it is triggered.


How do I set these up?

Setting up a per Berth Type / Item Type / Unit Type / Vault Type deposit...

  1. Select Maintenance, then Berth Types & Rates / Item Types & Rates / Unit Types & Rates / Vault Types & Rates.
  2. Double-click the desired Type to open it. Tab 1 of the Type screen will now open (more on this tab: #UNTTYPTAB101).
  3. In Deposit, enter the deposit amount you wish to charge when this Type is added to a Reservation or an Agreement.
  4. Click OK and repeat this process for any other Types that you wish to automatically charge a deposit for. Note: If desired, you can charge a different deposit amount for each Type.
  5. When finished, click Done.


Setting up a standard rate deposit...

  1. Select Maintenance, then Analysis Codes. The Analysis Codes screen will now open (more on this: #ANLADET01).
  2. Look through your existing Analysis Codes and look for one that ends in DP (in the Code column). If you already have one, double-click it to open it & jump ahead to Step 6 below. If not, continue with the next step...
  3. Click Add New Code.
  4. In Analysis Code, enter DP (short for Deposit). This is one of the StorMan's reserved Analysis Codes ( more on these: #ANLRAC01).
  5. In Description, enter Deposit.
  6. Enable the checkbox for the Bill on Move In setting.
  7. Locate Default sell amount. Enter the value of your deposit. For example: If you wish to charge a $30 deposit each time a new Reservation is created or an Agreement moved in, enter 30 here.
  8. Click OK, then Done.
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