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Bulk Communication Wizard - Email Merge, Mail Merge & SMS Merge (#CUSBULKCW01)

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What does the Bulk Communication Wizard do?

StorMan's Bulk Communication Wizard is designed to let you send bulk communication to your Customers - either via mail (post), email or SMS. If you intend to use the Bulk Communication Wizard to send an email merge, ensure your email account is setup in StorMan (more on this: #EMLSET01). If you intend to use the wizard to send an SMS merge, ensure you have setup your SMS account (more on this section: #SYSSETTAB801) with a supported 3rd-party provider (more on supported providers: #3PTYCOMP).


Using the Bulk Communication Wizard

  1. Select Customers, then Bulk Communication Wizard.
  2. Select whether you wish to perform a Print merge, Email merge or SMS merge. Click Next to continue.
  3. The next screen allows you to select whether you wish to send the merge to Customers (those that have services with you), or Contacts (aka Sales Enquiries; more on this: #SAENQABT01). When you select an option, a secondary set of preferences appear - allowing you to choose a Basic Filter via the dropdown that appears (with a More... option to refine this even further) or an Advanced Filter with advanced database search capabilities for powerusers. Once you have selected the desired options, click Next to continue.
  4. The integrated word processor will now open, allowing you to type your email, letter or SMS. A dropdown is provided to load an existing Notice (more on Notices: #NTCABT01), should you wish to use template you already have setup in your Notice Plans section. Additionally, the screen for the email & print merges will allow you to open a previously-saved file if needed, via the File menu. If you opted to perform an Email Merge (in Step 2 above), you will also be able to add a subject & numerous file attachments if required.
  5. Once your text is setup as desired, click the relevant button to print / send the notice to the selected Customers. Your bulk communication will now be emailed / SMS'd or printed.



In this video, we take a look at how to create a Christmas-themed Notice to send to customers. In the first part of the video, we explain how to setup the print & email Notices. This is followed by a guide on using the Bulk Communication Wizard to send it out to current customers. The video refers to two template files; you can download the templates here.

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