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Bill Next Charges (#CUSBNC01)

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What does the Bill Next Charges button do?

Bill Next Charges, located on the Transactions tab of Customer Agreement screens (more on this tab: #AGTTAB601), will bill the next lot of rental charges for any Berths / Units / Vaults attached to that Customer's Agreement (for 'one period' of the Customer's billing plan - e.g.: a 'quarterly' billing plan would bill 3 months of rent here), including any Other Recurring Charges that may be setup on that Agreement.

In addition, if the Customer has not been billed rent before, the system will also bill the move-in deposit (if setup to do so) and any other analysis code charges that have been set to bill upon move-in (more on adding / editing analysis codes: #ANLADET01). This is optional via a checkbox on the dialog, as shown in the instructions below.


When should I use Bill Next Charges?

This button should ONLY be used when you are moving in an Agreement. We strongly recommend against using it to bill the Customer's rent each month / week, depending on what billing plan they're on (more on setting up a billing plan: #BLPLNSU01), because this is what the automated Daily Processing function is for.

Note: Remember that StorMan uses an automated billing system and takes care of the ongoing billing for you - you only need to use 'Bill Next Charges' at the start, to bill the first lot of rent plus any move-in charges, deposits, etc.


How do I bill next charges?

  1. When performing a move-in, work your way through the tabs on the Customer Agreement screen (completing Customer information as you go along), until you get to the Transactions tab.
  2. Click the 'Bill Next Charges' button to open the dialog, as shown below. Bill Next Charges
  3. In most cases (and since this is a new move-in), you will want to leave the default options selected - that is, to bill the first amount of rent, plus any deposit and move-in charges.
  4. Click OK to bill the next charges. The charges will now appear on the account. If something is incorrect, you can generally use Undo Last Charges to reverse this process (more on this button: #CUSULC01).
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