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Adding photos & PDFs to an Agreement, Reservation or Other Credit Sale (#CUSPHT01)

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Why would I want to add photos & PDF's to a Customers Agreement, Reservation or Other Credit Sale?

Photos are often used when Customers are storing boats or vehicles in their Unit; particularly older vehicles which may leak (or drip) oil or other liquids onto the floor of your Unit. Photos can also be used as evidence in instances where Customers are disputing damage that their stores goods or vehicle has done to your Unit floor, or a neighbouring Unit. In addition, photos may also be used where the Customer is storing goods in an outdoor, hard-stand area of your business. Some operators may decide to scan the Customers identification (to a PDF or supported image file) and store this within their Agreement, Reservation or Other Credit Sale.

Note: There may be legal implications when taking photos of Customer goods. Please check with your local Marina, Rental or Self Storage Association beforehand.

What image file types are accepted?

  • BMP
  • PNG
  • ICO (decoding only)
  • JPEG
  • GIF
  • TIFF
  • WDP (Microsoft Windows Digital Photo)
  • PDF


Can I add more than one photo / PDF file?

Yes, you certainly can. However, the more you add, the larger your StorMan datafile will become.


What are the implications of adding many photos / PDF files?

Adding a large number of photos or PDF's into StorMan will increase the size of your StorMan datafile, which in turn, will affect the size of your backups, and the time it takes to perform a backup (for more information on backups, please refer to our Index of Backup articles).

You can, however, set image compression levels in StorMan, so that any photos are compressed as they are added. This will lower the quality of your photos in StorMan, but will keep the file size down. More on photo compression levels: #SYSSETTAB1001.


How do I add photos / PDF files to an Agreement, Reservation or Other Credit Sale?

  1. Open the Agreement, Reservation or Other Credit Sale in question.
  2. Click on the AutoPay/Notices tab (or Notices & Photos tab, in the case of a Reservation) and locate the Photo & Document module towards the bottom of the screen.
  3. Click Add to add a photo or PDF file.
  4. You can select two options: Select Pict File or Load from Photos.

    • The first option (Select Pict File) will open a browse window, where you can browse to a folder on your computer to find the photo or PDF file that you wish to add to the Agreement. After selecting your photo or PDF file, you will be asked whether you wish to keep the original file after importing it. If you select Delete, the original file will be removed from your computer, and the only copy will be the one kept inside your StorMan database. If you select Keep File, the original file will remain on your computer, and a copy will also be kept in StorMan. Note: Your copy of StorMan may be setup to compress photos to save space. As a tradeoff, the photo's quality is reduced substantially. If you opt to delete the photo when importing it, keep in mind that you may be deleting the only high-quality version of the photo that you have.
    • The second option (Load from Photos) will automatically load the last photo (last when sorted by filename: so zzz.jpg would be imported if there was also a file called aaa.jpg present) from StorMan's Photos folder (commonly c:\Program Files\StorMan\Photos\ - depending on where you have installed StorMan, of course). Note: Upon loading the photo using this method, keep in mind that it is deleted from your hard drive.
  5. Once you have selected or loaded the photo or PDF file to add, you can give the file a name. When complete, the file will be added.

  6. To view your photos, simply double-click on the desired photo on the Customer's Agreement, Reservation or Other Credit Sale (if it has more than one photo, you can scroll through the photos using the scroll bar provided). PDF files are not shown in preview mode, but a PDF icon is used to indicate that the file is a PDF file.



On Tuesday February 10th, 2009 we held a free StorMan PowerSession webcast on the Photo Module. You can download / view the webcast recording below...

  • Photo Module
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