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Accidental Move Out (#CUSAMO01)

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Whoops - I've moved someone out by mistake! How do I undo this?

  1. First off, you will need to locate the old Agreement. Select Customers, then Customers & Agreements.
  2. By default, this screen will show active Agreements. Change the filtering settings at the bottom so that you are viewing inactive (old) Agreements. Once you have located the Agreement, double-click on it to open it.
  3. On the Agreement Info tab (more on this tab: #AGTTAB101), click the green + (to the top-right of the Berth charges / Item charges / Unit charges / Vault charges table) and re-add their original Berth / Unit / Vault onto the list again. If prompted to charge a deposit, click No.
  4. Click OK to save & close the Agreement. Now open it again. Note: Because this Agreement has been reactivated, you will need to locate it in the 'Active' Agreement listing. Alternatively, you can use the Customers search screen on the main StorMan Dashboard (more on this part of the Dashboard: #DBDCUSTS01) to locate this Agreement.
  5. Check the Next Bill Date and adjust if necessary, to ensure that it is correct.
  6. Navigate to the Transactions tab (more on this tab: #AGTTAB601) and ensure the charges are correct. If your move-out had created reversal transactions, refunds or if the system had charged move-out or cleaning fees, you will probably need to remove or undo these (since the move-out was accidental). These transactions will generally have the current date assigned to them, making it easier to locate the entry which may need adjusting.
  7. Navigate to the Move Out tab and clear the Move out notice given and Move out dates (unless of course, the Customer had already given you notice).
  8. Click OK to close the Agreement.
  9. You will now need to update the Berth / Unit / Vault history for the Berth / Unit / Vault that this Customer is renting from you - because it will currently show them as having moved out, and then back into, the same Berth / Unit / Vault on the same day, causing a Berth History / Unit History / Vault History error. To do this, navigate to Maintenance, then Berths (aka Units, Vaults).
  10. Locate the Berth / Unit / Vault in question and double-click it to open it.
  11. On the Berth History (aka Unit History, Vault History) tab, remove the lines that say the Customer moved out (and back in again) today. Ultimately you need to have one line of history that has the Customer’s original move-in date and a current move-out date of 00/00/00.
  12. Set the Current Move In Date (at the top of the window) to the proper move in date for this unit, as it will have updated when you did the accidental move out. It should match the most recent (now corrected) line in the unit history section underneath.
  13. Click OK, then Done.
  14. It is now recommended you run a Recalculate Balances operation (more on this: #RFRCBAL01) on this Customers Customer Code
  15. Finally, run an 'Occupancy Report' (more on this report: #RPTOCC01) to ensure everything appears correctly.



On Thursday 5th March, 2015 we held a free Storman Power Session webcast on the topic of Correcting an Accidental Move Out. You can view this video by clicking on the thumbnail below...


See our 2019 Video on Unit management, how to fix this issue in newer versions of Storman.

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