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Refunding a Cash Sale (#CASLRCS01)

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How do I refund a Cash Sale?

Cash Sales can only be refunded by setting up an ad-hoc Other Credit Sale and processing the refund there (information on doing so is provided below). If you are buying-back used (or un-used) merchandise from a Customer, you may wish to view our article about inventory buy-backs instead: #IVTIBB01.


  1. Select Accounting, then Other Credit Sales.
  2. Click New Credit Sale.
  3. Enter the Customer's name, then set the Credit Sale to Ad-Hoc Billing (top-right).
  4. Navigate to the Transactions tab and click Add Credit.
  5. Select the appropriate Analysis Code for the item in the dropdown provided on screen. Adjust the Quantity if required.Note: Ensure that you enter your item quantities correctly, so that StorMan updates the stock system accordingly (unless the item is faulty - in which case it cannot be re-sold to someone else at a later date).
  6. Add a note to the Invoice Narration section, outlining the reason for providing this Customer with a credit.
  7. Repeat Step 4 if you have a number of different items (eg. locks & boxes) to credit back to the Customer. If not, click Add Refund and provide the monies back to the Customer via the preferred payment method. To complete the refund, click OK.
  8. Finally, click OK to close the Other Credit Sale.
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