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What is a Billing Plan (#BLPLNABT01)

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What is a Billing Plan?

A billing plan is a plan which outlines a set of rules & conditions for Customers renting at your business. StorMan looks at the billing plan rules you have setup to figure out how to charge Customers, whether or not to provide refunds (and if so - how much), and so on.

A Billing Plan also allows you to set incentives and discounts, and lets you specify whether or not a discount should be removed if a Customer moves out early, and so forth. Find out more about setting up a billing plan: #BLPLNSU01.


Can I have multiple Billing Plans?

Absolutely! You can have as many Billing Plans as you like.


What are the benefits of having multiple Billing Plans?

Having multiple billing plans allows you to offer a range of options for your Customers - each offering different discount amounts or free-periods if you wish. For example, you may have wish to have a Monthly, Quarterly and 6 monthly billing plan, to give your clients some options and incentives for paying up front, such as percentage-based discounts, or free periods (e.g. pay for 11 months, get the 12th month free).


Is there a limit to a Billing Plan's duration?

StorMan is not designed to manage a rental period of less than a week (i.e. daily). However, StorMan has no issue dealing with Weekly (or higher) billing plan durations.

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