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Splitting berths / Splitting units / Splitting vaults (#UNTSLT01)

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Why split a Berth / Unit / Vault?

Some owners or managers may decide to split a larger Berth / Unit / Vault into several smaller ones.


Understanding a Berth / Unit / Vault split operation

Two diagrams of example splits are provided for your reference below. In Example 1 (even split), we can see that one big 9m x 3m Berth / Unit / Vault is being split into three smaller ones at 3m x 3m each. The big one was a Type 27, the three smaller ones are each to become a Type 9. For this example, we'll need to ensure we already have a Type 9 type setup before we begin the splitting operation.

In Example 2 (uneven split), we can see that one big 9m x 3m Berth / Unit / Vault is being split into two smaller ones at 3m x 3m and 6m x 3m. The big one was a Type 27, and the two new ones will be a Type 9 and a Type 18. For this example, we'll need to ensure we already have Type 9 and Type 18 type setup before we begin the splitting operation.

Unit Split - Example 1
Unit Split - Example 2


How do I split a Berth / Unit / Vault?

While you could simply delete the big Berth / Unit / Vault and then go ahead and add the new smaller ones, doing so will permanently remove the maintenance & repair logs plus any Customer history for that Berth / Unit / Vault. If you do not wish to keep any historical data, see: #UNTDEL01. If you wish to retain historical data for the Berth / Unit / Vault, continue reading.


Splitting a Berth / Unit / Vault involves some preparatory work first. Some preparatory steps that we recommend you follow, have been outlined below...

  • Will you have enough Berths / Units / Vaults in your StorMan license to fit all of the new ones you're about to add (once you've done the split)? More on licenses: #UNTLIC01.

  • As per the diagrams above, your big Berth / Unit / Vault would currently have a type assigned to it. For example, a "Type 27" might be a 9m x 3m Berth / Unit / Vault. This type tells StorMan how big the Berth / Unit / Vault is. When you split the big Berth / Unit / Vault into smaller ones, you will obviously need to re-assign the type for them, so that StorMan knows that they're smaller and so that it can calculate the rentable-area correctly on various reports. Do you need to create some new type codes to cover the smaller Berths / Units / Vaults, or do you have existing types that you can use? You might like to check this in advance. To add new or check existing types, see: #UNTADTP01.


Once you have checked these items, you can continue on to the steps for splitting a Berth / Unit / Vault below...

  1. Go to the Maintenance menu, then Berths / Units / Vaults.
  2. Locate the Berth / Unit / Vault you wish to split, and double-click it to open it.

  3. If you need to change the Berth / Unit / Vault number, do so now. If not, proceed to Step 4 below.

  4. Assign the new Berth Type code / Unit Type code / Vault Type code to the Berth / Unit / Vault by selecting it from the Berth Type / Unit Type / Vault Type dropdown box.

  5. Click OK to close the Berth / Unit / Vault. You have now told StorMan that the original big Berth / Unit / Vault is now smaller, by assigning a new type code to it. Now you'll need to add the new Berth(s) / Unit(s) / Vault(s) that is being created in the split operation.

  6. On the screen, click Add.

  7. Give your new Berth / Unit / Vault a number, and assign a Berth Type / Unit Type / Vault Type. Complete any other information that you may need to on this screen. Click OK to save & close.

  8. Repeat steps 6 and 7 for any other Berths / Units / Vaults that you need to create for the split. If you were splitting one big Berth / Unit / Vault into two smaller ones, you won't have to repeat any steps as you should now have two Berths / Units / Vaults, where you would have initially had only one. If you use the map function in StorMan (more on this: #MAPWISMP01), then the map will automatically update to display any new Berths / Units / Vaults that you have created as part of the split - but you may wish to check it to ensure that your new items are positioned correctly.


How do I do the opposite... join Berths / Units / Vaults together into one?

Refer to: #UNTMRG01



On Thursday February 12th, 2009 we held a free StorMan PowerSession webcast on the topic of Merging and Splitting Units, You can download / view the webcast recording below...

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