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Removing berth history / Removing unit history / Removing vault history (#UNTRUH01)

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20151009 (Andy)   Pro, MultiUser, MultiSite, MultiView   Self Storage EditionMarina EditionVault Edition   9.3.2 (and higher)   n/a

Why remove Berth / Unit / Vault history?

If you wish to delete a Berth / Unit / Vault, you will need to remove all history for that Berth / Unit / Vault first. As always with time travel and changes in the space-time continuum, be warned that messing with the past may have an effect on the future... as such, we do not recommend deleting Berths / Units / Vaults or their history (refer to #UNTUVL01 for details on making them unavailable instead).


How do I remove Berth / Unit / Vault history?

  1. Go to the Maintenance menu, then Berths / Units / Vaults.
  2. Locate the Berth / Unit / Vault you wish to remove history from, and double-click it to open it.
  3. Navigate to the Berth History / Unit History / Vault History tab (as shown below). Berth / Item / Unit / Vault history

  4. Click the line of history in question and then select Delete History. If the button is hidden or disabled, you may not have sufficient permission for your user or group (more on Users & Groups: #USRGRPABT01).
  5. Click OK then Done to save & close.
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