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Multiply berths / Multiply units / Multiply vaults (#UNTMLTP01)

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Why multiply Berths / Units / Vaults?

Multiplying Berths / Units / Vaults can save heaps of time when adding new Berths / Units / Vaults to your datafile. Rather than adding each Berth / Unit / Vault individually, you can create one in the system and use the 'Multiply' button to, in essence, clone that Berth / Unit / Vault (your clones will be exactly the same, except for the fact that they will all have different numbers - since this is a unique field in StorMan).

Because clones share the same specifications as their original, it's important to realise that anything set on the original Berth / Unit / Vault gets set on the clone - including the type, dimensions, door size, status and any maintenance / repair history that might be set on, or for, the Berth / Unit / Vault that you're cloning from. Because of this, we generally only recommend that you clone vacant, new Berths / Units / Vaults.


How do I multiply Berths / Units / Vaults?

  1. Select the Maintenance menu, then Berths / Units / Vaults.
  2. Locate the Berth / Unit / Vault that you wish to multiply (clone) and highlight it.
  3. Click on Multiply at the bottom of the listing window. A new window will appear.

    Multiply Units

  4. Check that the force-length is correct. This will force the length of any numeric sections to ensure they contain the correct number of digits. Note: This is particularly important if you have Berth / Unit / Vault numbers that start with leading zero. For example, if your Berth / Unit / Vault numbers are 001, 002, 003 etc and you enter '4,5,6' into the 'New numbers' section (see next step), you'll need to force the length to be '3' - otherwise your Berths / Units / Vaults will simply be created as 4, 5 and 6 - instead of 004, 005 and 006. A force of '3' ensures that, whatever Berth / Unit / Vault numbers are made, that they have a total of 3 digits in them.
  5. Now enter your new Berth / Unit / Vault numbers into the New numbers field. Use a , (comma) to separate ranges or add spanned groups by using a - (hyphen). You can also mix and match ranges and single numbers - as per our example in the screenshot above. For example: '1-5' would create Berths / Units / Vaults 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5 all in one go - this saves you from having to type out each individual new Berth / Unit / Vault number.
  6. Click OK to create your cloned Berths / Units / Vault. You will be warned if any of them could not be created due to existing Berths / Units / Vaults with the same numbers (remember, Berth / Unit / Vault numbers are a unique field in StorMan).
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