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Adding berths / Adding units / Adding vaults (#UNTADD01)

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What does the Berth screen / Unit screen / Vault screen look like?

Unit Listing

  • Berth listing / Vault listing / Unit listing shows the Berth / Unit / Vault number, Type code, Description, Size (length by width), Door size (width by height), current Status and Customer the Berth / Unit / Vault is rented or reserved to (if any). Double-clicking on a Berth / Unit / Vault will open the modification screen.
  • Berths this datafile is licensed for / Units this datafile is licensed for / Vaults this datafile is licensed for shows the number of Berths / Units / Vaults that this datafile is licensed for. You can also view this and other licensing information in System Setup under the License tab (more on this tab: #SYSSETTAB1201).
  • Current total number of Berths / Current total number of Units / Current total number of Vaults shows the current total number of Berths / Units / Vaults you have entered into your system. The difference between this and the abovementioned field would obviously be the quantity of additional Berths / Units / Vaults you can add under the current license.
  • Filter this data allows you to filter the data to show All Berths / Units / Vaults, Occupied Berths / Units / Vaults or Vacant Berths / Units / Vaults.
  • Add... allows you to add a new Berth / Unit / Vault to the system.
  • Multiply... allows you to add multiple Berths / Units / Vaults based on the specifications of the one you have highlighted in the Berths / Units / Vaults listing in the main part of the screen. More on multiplying: #UNTMLTP01.
  • Find... allows you to find a Berth / Unit / Vault by name or number.
  • Import... allows you to import Berths / Units / Vaults into the system using a template. Please contact StorMan Support if you intend to use this feature, and we can supply you with Microsoft Excel templates.
  • Print list of... prints a list of all your Berths / Units / Vaults and their relevant specifications. When printing this report, you can select to sort the report by Berth / Unit / Vault number, or type.
  • Done will close the window and return to the previous screen.


How do I add Berths / Units / Vaults?

  1. Select the Maintenance menu, then Berths / Units / Vaults.
  2. The Berth / Unit / Vault listing will appear. Click Add... to add a new Berth / Unit / Vault to the system. The entry window will appear, as shown below.

    Add Unit - Tab 1

  3. Complete any relevant options on the remaining tabs as required (more on Tab 1: #UNTTAB101, more on Tab 2: #UNTTAB201, more on Tab 3: #UNTTAB301). If you need to add a new type, see: #UNTADTP01 first.
  4. Click either OK to save & close this Berth / Unit / Vault and then Done to return to the main StorMan window. Alternatively, you can click OK & New to save this Berth / Unit / Vault and add another. Note: Need to add a few Berths / Units / Vaults of the same type? You may be interested in our Multiply feature, via knowledgebase article #UNTMLTP01.


What is the keyboard shortcut to this screen?

The keyboard shortcut for the StorMan login screen is CTRL + U (Windows) or COMMAND + U (Macintosh).


How do I add multiple Berths / Units / Vaults at once?

There are two ways - you can either multiply an existing Berth / Unit / Vault using Multiply... (more on this: #UNTMLTP01), or you can import Berths / Units / Vaults using a spreadsheet via Import (please contact StorMan Support if you wish to use this feature).

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