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Backup failing / Backup not working (#BKPFAIL01)

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Why is my backup failing / Why is my backup not working

Common causes & their solutions...

  • StorMan backups made to USB drives will generally fail if the USB drive was not plugged into the computer BEFORE StorMan was started. The reason for this is that Microsoft Windows allocates a drive-letter to each disk at the time it is plugged in. If the drive letter that you have set in StorMan doesn't exist when StorMan is started (opened), then the mapping of this drive will fail and, as such, the backup will fail too -; even if you plug in the USB drive later on. Solution: Plug in the USB drive BEFORE you start (open) StorMan.
  • The disk or drive you are backing up to is full. Solution: Purchase a larger drive or remove unwanted files from the drive.
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