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Setting up automated GoCardless Direct Debit Processing (#ATPYSTPGOC01)

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Why process Direct Debits in StorMan?

In StorMan, it is possible to setup Customer Agreements so that funds can be deducted from the Customer's nominated bank account whenever they are due. GoCardless is one of several ways to achieve this (for more, see our Index of Automatic Payment articles). You can also compare our merchant providers here.


How do I setup Direct Debits to process automatically (using the integrated GoCardless system)?

  1. After you have completed & sent-in a Merchant Application Form with one of our merchant providers, GoCardless (more on GoCardless: #3PTYGOCABT01), you will receive setup information from GoCardless. Gather this information, and have it ready.
  2. Click on Maintenance, then System Setup.
  3. Select Modules.
  4. Locate the Direct Debit Account Details section.
  5. Select GoCardless from the Service provider dropdown list.
  6. Enter the various pieces of setup information that you have received from GoCardless. You can also find these details on the GoCardless website ( after logging in. They're located in the More, then Developer section.
  7. Click OK to save & close this section.
  8. Now select Maintenance, then Analysis Codes.
  9. Near the bottom of the screen, select the Switch view dropdown, and change it from Charges to Receipts. This will show receipt data instead of charge data.
  10. Click Add New Code to add a new analysis code to the system. The analysis code entry screen will appear. Create a new receipt analysis code called GoCardless Direct Debits. Set the Special Options dropdown field for this analysis code to Defualt for Direct Debit.
  11. Click OK to save & close this window then Done to return to the main screen.

GoCardless automatic Direct Debit processing has now been setup! You will now be able to setup individual Customer Agreements for direct debit processing. See the next topic for details on how to do so.


How do I setup customers for Direct Debit processing?

  1. Open the Agreement in question and navigate to the AutoPay/Notices tab of the Customer Agreement screens (more on this tab: #AGTTAB401).
  2. Add under the Bank account info... section.
  3. Enter the Customer's details, as required.
  4. Click Upload to save the information on GoCardless servers. Return to the Agreement, then click OK to save & close.

How will I know when to process my Customers?

When you run Daily Processing (more on Daily Processing: #DLYWISDP01) and Customers are due to have their bank account processed that day, the amounts will automatically be processed for the amount using the internet gateway.

If successful, a receipt is automatically added to the relevant Customers account. If declined, a note is automatically added to the relevant account and the details will appear on a special report that prints at the end of Daily Processing.

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