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Setting up automated CardSave Credit Card processing (online) (#ATPYSTPCSCC01)

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Why process Credit Cards in StorMan?

In StorMan, it is possible to setup Customer Agreements so that funds can be deducted from the Customer's nominated credit card whenever they are due. CardSave is one of several ways to achieve this (for more, see our Index of Automatic Payment articles). You can also compare our merchant providers here.


How do I setup Credit Cards to process automatically (using the integrated CardSave system)?

  1. After you have completed & sent-in a Merchant Application Form with one of our merchant providers, CardSave (more on CardSave: #3PTYCSAYABT01), you will receive setup information from CardSave. Gather this information, and have it ready.
  2. Click on Maintenance, then System Setup.
  3. Select Modules.
  4. Locate the Credit Card Account Details section.
  5. Select CardSave from the Service provider dropdown list.
  6. Enter the Merchant ID & Password as provided to you by CardSave.
  7. Click OK to save & close this section.
  8. Now select Maintenance, then Analysis Codes.
  9. Near the bottom of the screen, select the Switch view dropdown, and change it from Charges to Receipts. This will show receipt data instead of charge data.
  10. Click Add New Code to add a new analysis code to the system. The analysis code entry screen will appear, as shown below...

    Analysis Code

  11. Name the code Credit Card. Set the Special Options dropdown field for this analysis code to CardSave Default.
  12. Click OK to save & close the analysis code.
  13. Click Done to return to the main screen.

CardSave automatic Credit Card processing has now been setup! You will now be able to setup individual Customer Agreements for credit card processing, via the AutoPay section on the AutoPay/Notices tab of the Customer Agreement screens (more on this tab: #AGTTAB401).

You can now also process credit cards on an ad-hoc basis, via Add Receipt on the Transactions tab of the Customer Agreement screens (more on this tab: #AGTTAB601). Simply click Add Receipt, then Enter card to manually enter the credit card to process.

If the Customer already has a credit card on file on the AutoPay/Notices tab of their Agreement (more on this tab: #AGTTAB401), you can click Use Card on File to use the credit card details that are on file for this Customer.


How will I know when to process my Customers?

When you run Daily Processing (more on Daily Processing: #DLYWISDP01) and Customers are due to have their credit card processed that day, a dialog will appear on screen for each credit card due to be processed, confirming the amount that the card needs to be processed for. Upon continuing, that card is then automatically processed for that amount using the internet gateway.

If successful, a receipt is automatically added to the relevant Customers account. If declined, a note is automatically added to the relevant account and the failed cards will appear on a special report that prints at the end of Daily Processing.


My internet was down, or something went wrong. How can I re-process credit cards that have failed?

Please refer to this article: #DLYRFDCC01.


Can I automatically send the Customer a confirmation email, once the credit card has been processed?

Yes, there is a specially-named notice (more on these: #NTCNWSN01) that you can create which will send to an applicable Customer whenever a credit card payment is approved (or declined, for that matter). Set this up as a Notice & it will be sent automatically when triggered (more about adding notices: #NTCSTP01). Ensure that the AutoPay tab (more on this tab: #AGTTAB401) for any applicable AutoPay customers has the Email when Credit Card is processed field ticked.

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