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Agreement - Tab 5: Access & Insrnc (#AGTTAB501)

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Understanding the Agreement Screens (Tab 5)

  1. For information about the core window elements (around the edge of the screen), please refer to knowledgebase article #AGTTAB101, which details the first tab.
  2. Other window elements:Agreement - Tab 5
    • Pin code lets you set the PIN (or swipe-card / FOB number) for this Agreement. This is then sent to the access control system so that the Customer can access the Berth / Unit / Vault (more on supported access control systems: #ACCSUPS01).
    • Random PIN will generate a unique, random PIN for the Agreement.
    • Time zone lets you specify the access control time zone for this Customer - this number comes from your access control system. For example, time zone 1 in your access control system may be setup as 24-hour access, whereas time zone 2 in your access control system may be setup for business-hour access only, and so forth.
    • Status lets you set the status of the Agreement (in terms of access). Please note that Notices (more on Notices: #NTCABT01) in StorMan can also be triggered to change this status.
    • When checked, Force-send latest data to gate when saving (not shown) will force the current security (and PIN, etc...) to the access control system, regardless of whether you have changed anything or not. This ensures the most recent information is always in (or, sent to), your access control system (supported access control systems: #ACCSUPS01).
    • When checked, Always allow entry will always permit this Customer entry to your business.
    • Note: Enabling this option will ALWAYS allow this Customer to enter their space, regardless of how much they owe you... so please use this option with caution. Notices (more on Notices: #NTCABT01) in StorMan that would normally trigger lockouts, will NO LONGER do so when this is enabled.
    • The Additional users table allows you to add additional PIN (or swipe-card / FOB numbers) to this Agreement. This is commonly used for larger companies that have a number of staff (e.g. sales representatives) who all need to gain access to the Berth / Unit / Vault. The Name field within this table lets you note the name of the additional user, the PIN / Card # is the PIN or number for that additional user, the Zone is the access control time zone for that user, and Deposit field lets you set a deposit amount (e.g.: a holding deposit for a swipe card or FOB). Finally, Allow into... is used to specify what Berths / Units / Vaults (on this Agreement) the additional user is allowed into. Simply enter the Berth / Unit / Vault number (if multiple, separate with a comma), or enter the text All if this additional user is allowed into all of the Berths / Units / Vaults attached to this Agreement.
    • Access list lets you list the names of others who are allowed to get access to the Unit or Berth. This field is just used for informational purposes for your staff.
    • Access Control history shows a history of all access control events for this Customer (over the last 30 days). This is very similar to the Access Control log shown on the StorMan Dashboard (more on this part of the Dashboard: #DBDACLS01), except that it shows the access control transactions for this Agreement only.
    • Show all gate log transactions... changes the view in the field to show all access control transactions (and not just the last 30 days worth).
    • The Insurance Info table lets you specify Policy # and Coverage values for each Berth / Unit / Vault attached to the Agreement. You can also set a separate Policy # and Coverage value for the Agreement, if required. The costs for having Insurance coverage can be billed as an Other Recurring Charge on Tab 1 (more on this tab: #AGTTAB101), via the Insurance Rates module (more on this: #SYSSETINSRT01).
    • The Start Date and Expiry fields allow you to specify the dates for the Insurance policy. Notices can be automatically triggered off the Expiry field, allowing you to automatically send your Customer a reminder letter, email or SMS prior to their Insurance expiring (more on setting up a Notice: #NTCSTP01).
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