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Petty Cash (#ACTPTYCSH01)

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Petty Cash module

StorMan's Petty Cash module is designed to let you track Petty Cash, should you or your staff need to make small purchases such as milk, stationary, cleaning supplies, etc.


How to setup the Petty Cash module

  1. Select Accounting, then Petty Cash.
  2. Click Add Receipt and enter the initial amount of petty cash that is available.
  3. Click OK to save & close.
  4. Now we need to setup an Analysis Code for items that you purchase through Petty Cash. To do so, go to Maintenance, then Analysis Codes.
  5. Ensure you are viewing the Charges screen (you can switch between screen using the dropdown at the bottom of the window), then click Add New Code.
  6. Create the Analysis Code as required. As per the note below, you may need to add more than one.Note: If you wish to have detailed Petty Cash purchases, you will need to make an Analysis Code for each item that you would buy using Petty Cash... one for Milk, one for Tea/Coffee, one for Toilet Paper and so on. However, if you don't need this level of detail, just make one Analysis Code to cover all of your Petty Cash purchases - you might like to call it Office Supplies or something similar.
  7. Click OK, then Done to finish.


How to use the Petty Cash module

  1. Select Accounting, then Petty Cash.
  1. Click Add Charge and choose the Analysis Code that relates to the item you have purchased with Petty Cash (eg. Milk, Coffee, etc - or if you just have one Analysis Code to cover all of your Petty Cash purchases, then select it; refer to Step 6 in the section above for more details on this). Note: Some facility managers may use a single generic Analysis Code (called "Petty Cash") for all Petty Cash related purchases, whilst others may elect to have an Analysis Code for each item that can be purchased using Petty Cash - such as Stationary, Milk, Coffee, etc. More on creating Analysis Codes: #ANLADET01.
  2. Click OK when done.


Reporting on Petty Cash use


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